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Tyres Tarleton

Are you stuck with a flat tyre in the streets of Tarleton on your way to work? Do not panic and call us- Star Mobile Tyres.

Our mobile tyre fitting Tarleton will be your saviour. We will reach you instantly to fix any problem you face with your vehicle’s tyre.

Check out different kinds of tyres in our inventory.

Winter tyres

  • Used when the temperature drops below 7° C
  • Decrease stopping distance by up to 30%
  • Soft tyres made of silica for better flexibility
  • Small slits in tread blocks for better traction
  • Distinctive grooves and tread pattern for safe driving on frozen paths

Summer tyres

  • Hard tyre compound for better traction and durability
  • Shallow tread design
  • Aquaplaning ability with a low tread depth

4x4 tyres

These kinds of tyres are best if you choose to go on a rocky drive. However, make sure you select the correct size while choosing these tyres.

It comes in two variants.

All-terrain 4X4 tyres

  • Less consumption of fuel
  • Effortless driving on uneven roads
  • Less tyre wearing

Road-based 4X4 tyres

  • Comfortable driving on tarmac
  • More tread depth for heavy vehicles

Performance Tyres

Having the vehicle in control, better stability, grip and cornering ability are the main features of performance tyres.

The trick lies in picking the right performance tyre.

Extreme performance tyre

  • Better traction
  • Better vehicle control while driving at high speed

High-performance tyre

  • Better grip and traction
  • Effortless steering

Ultra high-performance tyres

  • Wide treads for smooth driving on humid and slippery road
  • Effortless grip function

All-season tyres

  • Fit for everyday purposes
  • Ideal for use in all moderate weather and climatic conditions
  • Unique design for longer durability
  • Hydroplaning resistant
  • Rubber compound fit for less tyre wearing

Run flat tyres

  • Reduction in the possibility of puncture
  • Self-sealing feature to prevent puncture from sharp objects
  • Hard sidewalls and in-built support system
  • Auxiliary supported tyre to carry heavy weight for a longer time

Our services

Mobile tyre fitting

  • Emergency servicing
  • Professional tyre fitters
  • Affordable
  • Easy delivery and disposal
  • Towing facility

TPMS Replacement

  • TPMS sensor inspection
  • TPMS battery check
  • Fix damaged TPMS part(s)

Wheel Balancing

  • Maintain stability
  • Less tyre wearing
  • Lead-free weights for comfortable and smooth driving

Puncture Repair

  • Internal and external repair
  • Use of tyre string, repair patch and plug

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