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Tyres Sollom

A quiet hamlet in the parish of Tarleton, Lancashire, is Sollom. Now the residents of Sollom can also opt for quick and fast mobile vehicle services from the ease of their homes with Star Mobile Tyres.

Our product and service range caters to the comfort of clients. Whether it is wheel balancing or fixing your flat tyre, we are always ready with our service van.

Why choose us?

Driving to the garage with a broken or damaged tyre can lead to drastic situations. Hence, we prioritise giving you the best service and ensuring you a safe and smooth driving experience.

Thus our mobile tyre fitting Sollom applies to anyone who wants to get their tyre problems resolved.

We assure you of the following:

  • Expert servicing
  • Swift emergency assistance
  • Doorstep servicing
  • Using upgraded tools for quick and apt results
  • Affordable price range
  • Easy payment options

Our products

There is no limit to the number of options when choosing the tyre you like the best in terms of rim colour or brand. Our inventory is full of over 50 branded tyres. These include:

  • Jinyu
  • Journey
  • Accelera
  • Hankook
  • Bridgestone
  • Aplus
  • Avon
  • Event and many more.

There are also different variants of tyres like:

  • 4X4 tyres
  • All-season tyres
  • Winter tyres
  • Summer tyres
  • Performance tyres
  • Run-flat tyres

Our services

Tyre pressure check

Why visit the garage to check tyre pressure while we are there to help you? Do not miss any tyre pressure checks, and drive happy by calling us. Our professionals will reach out readily.

Wheel balancing

Get rid of that uneven wheel rotation every time you drive at high speed. Make sure that wheels are perfectly aligned and balanced because faulty wheel balancing might hamper the fuel economy.

TPMS replacement

A defective TPMS can increase complications of your vehicle’s tyre. Moreover, it requires expert hands to get it investigated. So if you observe that your TPMS sensor goes off often, even with the correct tyre pressure, visit us without a second thought!

Mobile tyre fitting

The simplest explanation for this unique feature is that we bring the garage to you instead of you visiting us! Whenever and wherever you are, we are always ready with our van. Hence you too can get mobile tyre fitting Sollom today!

We’re waiting!

If your vehicle faces any tyre-related issues, call us immediately on 08082 753002 or mail us at

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