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Are you looking for Run Flat Tyres Preston for your vehicle?

Run-flat tyres are specially crafted to withstand the consequences of deflation caused by punctures etc. and ensure a safe and smooth ride for some distance at reduced speed.

Introduced to the market in 1934 by Michelin, run-flat tyres were initially manufactured for military use. Now, most luxury and premium vehicle manufacturers prefer to equip their cars with run-flat tyres.

At Star Mobile Tyres, we have an extensive collection of run-flat tyres from all the world-class brands available in the market. If you are still unsure about the advantages of run-flat tyres, let our professionals guide you through your purchase.

Types and technology of Run-flat tyres:

Self-supporting system

Self-supporting run-flat tyres come with rigid sidewalls and internal support that enables the punctured tyre to rest on it instead on the rim. The reinforced sidewall construction helps vehicles to move further even at the loss of air pressure as per the manufacturer specified speed and distance.

Support ring system

Self-sealing tyres have a ring of hard rubber inside them and are capable of responding quickly if the tyre suffers a prick by sharp objects like nail or screw. This type of tyres works similarly as tyre sealant work and fights against further damage.

Auxiliary supported tyre

Auxiliary supported tyres are the toughest of the three. Army/ Military, VIPs, Government armoured vehicles are equipped with these tyres. This variant of run-flat tyres is bullet-proof and can carry heavy loads at high speeds for long distances.

Reasons to buy run-flat car tyres:

Driving control

During a puncture, run-flat tyres offer more stability than conventional tyres. As run-flat tyres are designed to deliver stability and control when the tyre has no air pressure, these tyres offer reliable handling to ensure your car or SUV runs smoothly.


One of the driving forces behind the creation of run-flat tyres was to ensure safety on roads. With run-flat tyres, you need not wait in the middle of an unknown road to fix your tyre puncture. Also, it helps to improve fuel efficiency, since you do not have to carry a heavy spare tyre.


Run-flat is manufactured to cover a distance of 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50mph. Therefore, you can drive your car with peace of mind until you find a reliable auto garage like us.

Popular run-flat tyres models

To equip your car with run-flat car tyres, your vehicle must be equipped with Tyre Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) as this sends an alert to the driver as soon as any of the tyres loses pressure.

Some of the popular run-flat tyres we store include,

Bridgestone DriveGuard Run-flat: This model of Bridgestone drives upto 50 miles after a puncture and offers comfortable riding and reliable handling.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Sport Plus ZP: This an Ultra high-performance all-season tyre run-flat tyre of Michelin’s Pilot group, able to deliver sporty performance.

Continental ContiProContact SSR: This model of Continental is compatible with conventional rims and can drive upto 50 miles at 50mph at the vent of a puncture.

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