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Tyres Charnock Richard

Located in the borough of Chorley, Charnock Richard is a small hamlet and civil parish famous for its motorway service station Star Mobile Tyres.

Range of services

Mobile tyre fitting Charnock Richard

Why go to a garage when you can use mobile tyre fitting services?

Experienced in the field for over 15 years, we are available any time, any place in and around Charnock Richard. You are our priority, and we assure you of the following benefits:

  • Rapid emergency service
  • Doorstep facility
  • Affordable prices
  • Trained staff
  • Safety promised

Wheel balancing

Maintaining your wheel balance will ensure that you observe no uneven motion whenever your car takes a rotation.

Signs of imbalanced wheels are:

  • Gradual wear and tear of the tyre
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Vibrating steering wheel

TPMS replacement

A faulty TPMS can lead to several kinds of hazards. Call us promptly if you see your sensor light getting triggered recurrently, even with the correct tyre pressure.

There might be various reasons for this to happen, including:

  • Loss of charge in the battery
  • Corroded valve stem sleeve, valve core and valve nuts
  • Physical damage to the sensor

Tyre pressure check

Regular checking of tyre pressure is necessary to keep any problems at bay. We use updated tools to examine tyre pressure and TPMS sensors to ensure everything works correctly.

Puncture repair

Nothing feels as horrible as running a flat tyre. Resolve this situation by giving us a call.

We provide:

  • External repair
  • Both internal and external repair with tyre string and repair patch
  • Internal repair

Online booking

We guarantee a smooth transaction procedure by making it online. So make sure you use these benefits while paying.

  • Use Payment Assist for fast and secure payment
  • Option to pay 25% upfront and 75% in EMI
  • Sign in to get a list of your orders and invoices

Search your tyre

Know your vehicle's tyre size and convey it to us faster through our Tyre Fitting feature. Follow the guidelines to find the correct size.

  • Note the number-alphabet chain you will find on the side of the tyre
  • The three-digit number from the left is the width of the tyre
  • Next two digits denote the profile number
  • Beside the profile number is the rim size number, starting with R
  • The speed rating is the last alphabet of the whole chain

You can put these credentials or vehicle registration numbers in the Tyre Fitting section and hit 'Search'.

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