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Tyres Bolton Green

With a thriving residential community surrounded by plush greenery, Bolton Green remains a bustling hamlet around the year. Therefore, streets here witness a stable traffic flow of primarily private vehicles.

Therefore, if you are a car owner here, being aware of a reliable vehicular facility within your reach can be helpful! In that regard, you can consider us at Star Alloy Wheels as your ideal option. We are happy to provide a one-stop solution to all your alloy wheel-related vehicular concerns. Here are our services at a glance:

Alloy wheel refurbishment Bolton Green

An alloy wheel is designed with a lightweight structure to cut excessive pressure on the suspension system and provide lower rolling resistance. However, this structure also makes the wheels easily susceptible to impact damages from hitting a kerb or a pothole.

Our technicians will follow the best industry practices to restore the original finish of damaged alloy wheels using these methods:

  • Powder Coating
  • Diamond Cutting
  • SMART Or Cosmetic Repair

However, if the wheels have damage beyond possible repair, leave all your worries to us. Here we also stock affordable alloy wheels Bolton Green suitable for different vehicle make and model.

Alloy welding repairs

Dent on its body, missing chunks, or a chipped rim of your alloy wheels can make them unsafe to use. Therefore, here we provide comprehensive servicing to such products using welding procedures. To ensure a fruitful outcome, our experts will strictly follow the steps mentioned below:

STEP 1: We use state-of-the-art machinery to inspect the wheels to determine the damaged area.

STEP 2: If we can spot any buckles in the product, we will conduct a prompt buckled wheel repair before beginning the welding procedure.

STEP 3: We will thoroughly clean any debris stuck on the wheel’s damaged surface to detect any underlying scratch.

STEP 4: Our experts use state-of-the-art machinery to reduce heat transfer to the alloy while simultaneously fusing the chipped portions adequately.

STEP 5: After welding, we will sand the affected area and further polish the product to restore its original colour and design.

Moreover, our technicians can assist you with the following:

  • Callipers and hub painting
  • Alloy gator fitting

So, please consider ending your search for an ‘alloy wheel repairing facility near me’ and drop by our facility any day of the week. If you take A49, we are just 9 miles away!

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